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FC Barcelona Tickets

Purchasing a ticket to a FC Barcelona match is something you've probably been trying to do for quite a while now. Being one of the most successful soccer teams in Spain, FC Barcelona has become one of the most preferred teams for football fans in Barcelona and around the world. Since the formation of this skilful squad which includes football greats like Thierry Henry and Lionel Andrés Messi, FC Barcelona enthusiasts have been fighting over FC Barcelona tickets that will allow them to go to any upcoming match. Fortunately, there is Onlineticketshop where you can easily book your seats for the next FC Barcelona match. Getting a FC Barcelona ticket is easy! Just tell us which of our FC Barcelona Club tickets you would like to purchase and Onlineticketshop will take care of the rest.

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FC Barcelona

Up until 2006, FC Barcelona players did not wear any football sponsoring on their shirts. In the summer of 2006, FC Barcelona announced that they were entering a five year agreement with UNICEF and rejected all other sponsoring offers that were put on the table in order to support this international organization. A portion of sales from the FC Barcelona tickets goes towards this humanitarian organization. So in purchasing a ticket to go see FC Barcelona, you not only get a ticket to an amazing show of talents but also contribute to a good cause at the same time. If you are interested in getting FC Barcelona tickets, we can help. Call us today or fill in a form and we will get your tickets to you well before the match via a trusted courier.

History FC Barcelona

The great FC Barcelona or the Futbol Club Barcelona is a Spanish sports club from Barcelona and was formed back in 1899. FC Barcelona is extremely well known throughout the world and has a very large and devoted following. This club was also one of the founders of the elite La Liga (also known as the Primera División) back in 1928 together with Real Madrid and Atletico Bilbao. This great football team has played in the highest levels of football ever since they were formed. FC Barcelona plays at the famous Camp Nou which has a gigantic seating capacity of 98,772. This is one of the largest stadiums in the world and the largest in all of Europe. Camp Nou was built in 1957 and is now a very modern stadium. Get yourself a seat to this sensational stadium and see some of footballs greats on the pitch. Check out Onlineticketshop now!


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